Universal Hybrid Hanging Fixture - White

Aquatic Life


Adjustable and Secure Mounting For Black Aquatic Life Hybrid Light Fixtures

Aquatic Life's Universal & Hybrid Light Hanging System is perfect for light fixtures that do not have a tank mounting option or aquariums that cannot accept a tank mount. Securely attaching to the backside to most aquarium stands, each hanger can hold up to 4.5kg making it perfect for Aquatic Life Hybrid T5 Light Fixtures and other styles of lights that use a cable style hanging kit. The overall height of the mounting system can be adjusted up to 110cm tall, and the hanging arm can reach out to 33cm making it ideal for aquariums up to 66cm wide.

  • Easy to Install
  • Adjustable Vertical Height
  • Secure & Stable
  • Adjustable Stop Colar
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

Compatible with most light fixtures that use a wire hanging kit to suspend the light. For light fixtures over 66cm Light Hanging Fixtures for proper support.


Max Weight (per hanger) - 4.5 kg

Max Vertical Height - 110cm

Max Horizontal Reach - 33cm

What's Included?

1x White Vertical Mounting Arm

1x White Vertical Adjustment Arm

1x White Horizontal Mounting Arm

1x White Stop Collar

Mounting Hardware

Note: Suspension Hanging Kit is not included.  

Warning: Hanging Fixture should be mounted to a solid surface that can handle 45kg or more. We suggest mounting to the back of your stand or a wood board/studs. Do not mount to drywall/gypsum board.

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