Aquatic Life Essentials RO Pack

Aquatic Life


Aquatic Life RO Essentials Pack.

Everything you need to connect and maintain your standard size RO system

Pack includes: (1) 1/4" Poly Tubing Cutter, (1) Roll Teflon Pipe Thread Tape, (1) RO Pressure Gauge w/Press-Fit Tee Connectors, (1) RO Flush Valve Kit, (1) Faucet Connector w/3 ft. of Blue Tubing, (1) Collet Tool, and these Press-Fit connectors: (1) 1/4" x 1/4" Valve w/2 Blue Clips, (1) 1/4" x MPT 1/8" Elbow w/1 Blue Clip, (1) 1/4" x MPT 1/4" Elbow w/1Blue Clips, (1) 1/4" x MPT 1/4" Straight Fitting w/1 Blue Clip, (5) Blue Press-Fit Clips.

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