Enzyme-based biological stimulant to promote increased bacterial.

Amplifies the effect of ZEObak.

Stimulates the biological control of slime algae (Cyanobacteria).

Enhances skimming performance

Disbarment of harmful substances

Improves coral growth enormously.


1 level teaspoon per 1000 L / 250 gallons per week dissolved in tank water.

As a solution to excess organics: Up to 2 level teaspoons daily.

Dissolve separately 6-8 hours advanced in 0.5 l tank water, and then add directly to the tank.

Carefully observe the protein skimmer for increased skimmate production.

If one has cyanobacteria or slime-algae ,daily dosage may be continued for a short time to dissipate these issues.

This one is a must use have, it will give your tank a clean/crisp polished look whilst enhancing coral vitality.

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