T5 - Blue Plus



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Type: T5 Bulbs

The Blue Plus bulb is by the hottest selling T5 bulb available, for its crisp blue, that brings out awesome coloration in corals. : ATI has been some of the most sought-after bulbs in the reef aquarium hobby. With their bright crisp colors, ATI are our number one choice when it comes to T5 bulbs. With ATI bulbs you can use a single color on its own or you can mix and match to make the ultimate spectrum.

The ATI Blue Plus T5 HO fluorescent bulb combines the properties of a blue bulb with a True Actinic Blue 03 bulb. Encourages bluing in SPS corals and fluorescence in capable corals. Helps balance out a washed out or yellow hued tank. 

Recommended Use: as a supplement to LED lights or in combination with other ATI T5 bulbs. 

Works well with the Aquatic Life LED/T5 Hybrid fixtures.

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