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The all new Photon Apex Integration Kit allows you to fully control your Photon V2+ via the Neptune Apex 0-10v Variable Dimming Module (VDM). This allows you to add a variety of control schemes that are more advanced than the default controller. You can now control your Photon V2+ using your phone, computer, or other mobile device through the Apex Fusion dashboard!


How Does it Work?

The Photon Apex Interface includes everything you need to get started- all that is required is a minimum of 2 available Apex VDM ports (4 VDM channels in total). You will need a separate Photon Apex Integration Kit for each light. You can either run additional lights on separate VDM ports for individual control, or use ethernet splitters (not included) to control up to 3 Photon V2s on the same VDM channel. You can use up to 30 feet of cable between the Apex VDM and your lights.


A third VDM port (2 x VDM channels) is required for independent control of the red and green LEDs. It is also possible to link the Red or Green channels to another channel of your choice, or leave them off. The Photon Apex Interface has a simple one-button program that allows you to tie Channels 1 and 2 (Red and Green, Respectively) to another control channel for dual-control. For example, you can tie the Red and Green LEDs to the white LED channel for a simple AB+ program, or you can control the reds in tandem with the royal blues, and the green LEDs along with the violet channel.


The Photon Apex Interface was designed to filter out errant signals, and allow for dimming as low as a fraction of a percent. The intelligent onboard software allows you to set a baseline 0% output, so your light shuts off when your Apex VDM port is off or set to 0% in auto mode. During operation it establishes the correct signal voltage over time so any sudden jumps, flashes, or pulsing is tuned out. This makes for incredibly smooth sunrise and sunset ramping capabilities.


Note: The Photon Apex Interface replaces the factory WiFi chip, so you will no longer be using the included remote to control your light. All control functions will be handled via the Apex VDM.


What’s Included?

Every kit includes everything you need except for the Apex and the VDM module its self, of course!

  • Photon Apex Interface Board
  • New black powder-coated aluminum side-plate with ethernet slots
  • 2 x 7 foot Cat6 ethernet cords

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