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Waterbox PW1818 Cabinet

Waterbox Aquariums



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WATERBOX CUBE CABINET (PW1818) - Suggested RRP $469.95 

A minimalist designed ultra-clear aquarium with unmatched quality. 

Perfect match for the Waterbox Cube 20 aquarium that is well suited for a range of home or office environments.

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
  • Laminated Plywood Cabinet
  • Includes Self-Leveling Mat

Cabinet Specifications

PW-1818 17.71" (450mm) 17.71 ( 450mm) 35.43" (900mm) 30.78" (782mm)
PW-2418 23.62" (600mm) 17.71" ( 450mm) 35.43" (900mm) 30.78" (782mm)
PW-2420 23.62" (600mm) 19.69" (500mm) 35.43" (900mm) 30.78" (782mm)
PW-2424 23.62" (600mm) 23.62" (600mm) 35.43" (900mm) 30.78" (782mm)
PW-3620 35.43" (900mm) 19.69" (500mm) 35.43" (900mm) 30.78" (782mm)
PW-4820 47.24" (1200mm) 19.69" (500mm) 35.43" (900mm) 30.78" (782mm)

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