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Neptune Systems Apex Classic Controller System

Neptune Systems


Apex System is the best-value aquarium controller on the market today. Dollar for dollar you will not find a higher-quality controller that gives you more features, is easier to use, or has a larger and more active user base than the Apex. If you haven’t done so already, please read Neptune - Why Apex? page to get a high level view of why the Apex is so important to your aquarium

Great Advanced Level Controller from Neptune Systems

  • - Key functions include Light Control, Temperature Control and pH Monitoring, pH Port, pH/ORP Port, I/O Switch Input, 4 V Ports
  • - Cool Features, such as built in internet connectivity - access via mobile phone or tablet, receive fusion, email or text alerts, temperature protection and much much more.
  • - Fusion Ready

What's Included:

  • - Apex Base Unit
  • - Energy Bar 6
  • - Apex Display Module
  • - Long-life Temperature Probe
  • - Standard pH Probe
  • - 1m Aqubus Cable

The Apex Base Unit is equipped with the following monitoring ports:

  • Temperature Port
  • pH Port
  • pH/ORP Port (can be used for either – a feature unique to the Apex)
  • 6 – I/O switch inputs (for use with leak detectors, door switches, feed buttons, ATO, etc.)

The Energy Bar – So Much More Than a Power Strip!

The Energy Bars available for our Apex systems are much more than a glorified power strip. In fact, this component of your aquarium controller equipment is far more important than most people realize – and not all systems are created equal!  It is obvious that this component is key to controlling things on your aquarium, but what is not so apparent is how it is critical to preventing catastrophe in your aquarium. Here’s how.

Note: Calibration fluids sold separately 

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