GHL Doser 2.1 SA, 4 Pumps, White (PL-1488)




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Simple & Smart Dosing

The GHL 2.1 Dosing System could be one of the easiest dosing systems to set up and run. Not to mention that it has cloud connection with the free myGHL service, you can access and control your doser from anywhere in the world. Operate the 2.1 Doser from your phone, computer, tablet, or any other device that can connect to the internet. The built-in WiFi lets you connect to your home's router without any additional cables, but also has provisions for LAN or USB connections. The 4 head dosing system is perfect for reef tanks that use methods like Triton, KZ, or Aquaforest that require more than the primary three additives.  


GHL pump programming is super simple, just pull up the GHL Connect or myGHL Cloud App and then you can calibrate each pump separately, prime each pump, and also program the daily dosing schedule within minutes. You can select which days of the week you want to dose, along with how many doses you want per day and how much to dose per session.  


The GHL software is more than just a dosing pump interface; it can monitor how much solution has been dosed and by inputting your containers starting volume, know when additives need to be replenished. With additional accessories, you can unlock features like auto water changes, provisions for magnetic stirrers, and even an ATO functions. GHL has even gone a step further making their illuminated logo on top of the dosing unit change colors as status transitions, letting you know when something needs attention at a glance.  


Need more than 4 pumps? Add a GHL 2.1 Slave Doser to add another 4 additional pump heads that can be controlled through a single interface. The slave doser will need to be connected to the master via a PAB cable (purchased separately). The additional heads can help keep your reef tank much more stable by automating other additives that would typically be dosed by hand.  

Powerful & Precise Flow

Having speed control of the dosing head is critical for some additives like alkalinity solutions that can easily precipitate if added to saltwater too quickly. The variable flow rate dosing heads can push anywhere from 8-45 mL per minute and can be programmed through the GHL control software allowing you to dose solutions under accurately under half of a milliliter. The rate of flow can vary depending on the length of tubing and head height required. The max distance the GHL 2.1 SA Doser can push or pull liquids is 50 feet of total length allowing you to put the dosing where you want it, and then route the tubing to your vessels and sump.  

What's Included?

1x 2.1 Dosing Unit (black body)

1x 24V Power Supply

8x Plastic Tube Adapter

6ft USB Cable


Dosing tubing not included 


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