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Imagine if we could see into the biology of our aquariums? Wouldn’t it be great to get an in-depth look into the micro biology of what lies beneath, hidden from our eyes? Gaining an understanding of our bacteria diversity or to even know what possible diseases or pathogens are lurking about?

Imagine no more, AquaBiomics are the first revolutionary company to provide aquarist this ground breaking service.

Through DNA sequence testing, AquaBiomics can analyse and cross-reference your aquariums microbiology against an extensive global microbial database, and provide you with an in-depth look into your microbiome.

Their service will give you the ability to find out your aquariums bacteria diversity, what’s good or bad based on your reefing methodology and know what pathogens you may have, confirming any diseases or viruses that may be lurking about, such as ICK or velvet.

After the testing is complete, AquaBimoics will provide you with a report with all this extremely insightful and valuable information to help you develop a customised strategy for adjusting your aquariums microbiome.

How It Works

  1. Purchase an AquaBiomics Sampling Kit from one of our registered Dealers
  2. Sample the microbes from your tank by carefully follow the instructions provided in the kit
  3. Register your sample on the AquaBiomics online portal here:
  4. Mail your sample to us here at Reef Synergy and we will take care of international shipping to the AquaBiomics laboratory.

Important Information

AquaBiomics testing is based on batch schedules. Please refer to this link for information on their testing cycles and expected result release:

Instructional Video:

BRS 360 Interview Video:

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