AF Mineral Salts

Aquaforest - Freshwater


Salt for RO water mineralisation contains minerals which boost resistance of plants to stress after rapid change of conditions in the tank. Stimulates faster regeneration of the plants after transplanting, trimming and changing water parameters due to its substitution. Contains all minerals needed to grow freshwater sh and plants. AF Mineral Salt perfectly prevents diseases caused by too low mineral content in water. The formula does not contain sodium, which could hinder healthy plant development. 10 g of AF Mineral Salt in 100 liters of water raises the levels by: GH: 3 KH: 2 K: 6 mg/l Ca: 6.5 mg/l Mg: 4,1 mg/l Mn: 1.16 micro/l

10 g per 100 liters of RO water used in the plant cultivation, for discus sh breeding 8 g per 100 liters of RO water.

Keep away from children! Product for use only in aquarium! Not suitable for consumption!

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