AF Life Bio Media

Aquaforest - Freshwater


Life Bio Media is a natural, designed for freshwater aquariums biological filtration medium already settled with bacteria.
Due to the presence of the specially selected bacterial strains, it initiates and supports nitrification process, accelerating tank's maturation. It's perfect for freshly established tanks as a biological filtration medium, it'll boost filtration efficiency in already functioning tanks.
Thanks to the Life Bio Media, nitrification process begins almost immediately.

HOW TO USE: Place the contents of the package in the filter basket. 250 ml of the product is sufficient for 100 litres of the water. We recommend replacing ½ of the medium every half a year. During cleaning and filter maintenance do not dry, don't rinse in running water, don't rinse in warm water. Rinse in aquarium water, outside of the main tank.

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