Pohl’s B-Balance



Category: Additives, Korallen-Zutch

Type: Additives

Pohl's B Balance is a mixture of essential minerals that will enhance coral vibrancy in sps, especially red coloured Acropora, Stylophora and Pocillopora.

For initial use you may dose up to 50-100 ml per 100 L / 25 gallons tank water to refill missing minerals. After this treatment your SPS corals will look vibrant . Then pause for 2 days.


1ml/100L/25gallons daily.

Dosing qty. of B-Balance reduces to 50% if you also use ZEOspur 2 in your tank.

Pohls B-Balance contains essential minerals and its addition makes it possible to keep delicate animals such as Cespitularia. Especially enhances the colour red in Acropora, Stylopora and Pocillopora. Corals are healthier and more robust, base encrustation is more solid and also grow in darkly lit areas.

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