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Water is vital for all known forms of life and knowing what’s in your tanks water is paramount to running a successful aquarium. 
Do you want to be sure that your aquarium inhabitants live in suitable water conditions? Testing all these parameters is time consuming and expensive.
MarinLab now make this easy with their extensive ICP-OES Professional Lab Grade testing service. All you need to do is to chose one of these kits, then follow their simple instructions to ship them your sample and let them test it for you.

They will provide a very accurate, comprehensive report indicating the chemical composition of your sample. Their ICP-OES analysis is able to detect harmful or even toxic substances, as well as unwanted concentrations or deficiencies of 36 elements. Use that invaluable information to learn about the quality of your water and be able to respond to accordingly.

Take the guesswork out and let Aquaforest LAB help you find out which macro and trace elements need to be supplemented or are excessively present.

Your task to mimic natural water environment created by nature just got easier. 

For more information about MarinLab's service and kits, visit here: 

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